Our Story


LOTUS Sleep Products is a family owned and operated business. We first fell in love with a weighted blanket as customers in November of 2017. Our passion for our company grows because of our wonderful customers who love this bedding as much as we do. Your enthusiasm motivates us to continue striving to give you the best products, and we take pride in that.

A good night sleep is a key ingredient to living a healthier life, so no matter what your day has been like, you deserve to slip into some luxury at the end of your day, and allow your body to rest and rejuvenate itself. Providing our customers with not only a great product, but great service is of the upmost importance to us. We hope that if you are looking for a little luxury in your life at a great price, you will give Lotus Sleep Products a chance to serve you.


We spend half our lives in bed. Even the most sleep-deprived among us return to the same place night after night to recharge. Sleep is necessary for survival, and even more so for maintaining mental and physical wellness. Why, then, don’t we make the same investment in our sleep environment that we do into other things that we use and consume every day? It’s not enough for your sheets to simply look good, they must feel good and be good for you. Which is why our brand is about style, sustainability and substance. We don’t cut corners.

We use the finest materials, harvested and manufactured sustainably. We do this out of respect for people and our planet, as we believe our actions have a ripple effect on future generations. 

By leaving out the harmful chemicals and doubling up on quality and craftsmanship, we provide a difference you can see and feel. 

Lotus is small, but intentional. We strive to deliver a product you can trust with your family, your money and  your environment. We keep things simple—timeless designs in classic colors, premium sizing, honest marketing, and affordable pricing—because we believe in better sleep for everyone.

Sleep Well. Sleep Lotus.